Retail industry is well established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as in India. TIARAIAM strives at improving the co-operation between the two countries and promote healthy trade environment. Our task includes identifying potentially progressive businesses which can expand operations either side.


Once we identify a particular retail format we prepare the feasibility report and advice on the legal issues that need to be taken care of for starting such business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or in India. Retail industry hires large number of work force benefiting millions in employment. Also contributes significantly towards the growth of the nation.




Every country has its own expertise. We identify and promote methods to reduce cost of production by having particular units/plants in a region where it's most feasible and economical. For example Tata an Indian company is working on to set up Jaguar Land Rover assembly plant in the world largest integrated aluminium complex in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Likewise SABIC a fully owned Saudi Arabian company has a large presence in India with thousands of employees. TIARAIAM identifies opportunities for Arab and Indian businesses on either side and bridges the gap and promotes new progressive alliance. We also assist in resourcing raw materials for industries on both sides.


Healthcare & Pharmacy


Having a vast knowledge of the Saudi and Indian Healthcare and Pharmacy sector, TIARAIAM promotes to build healthy understanding between both countries so that we can share and learn from each country’s expertise and experience. Though the Saudi government spends generously on the health sector and but there is lot of space for private hospitals to set up operation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


TIARAIAM is a Health Facilitator of the one of the best Hospitals in India like Fortis Hospitals, Max Hospitals, Narayana Hrudalaya Hospitals, and Manipal Hospitals to name some and assists Foreign patients, NRI’s, PIO’s and OCI’s in getting treated by the best team of doctors in the entire region.


Educational Institutions

There is a revolution in the field of education that has flooded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since last 2 decades. The government of Saudi Arabia offers best services to its students with many scholarships and schemes to study in the Kingdom and overseas. We understand the scope of growth potential the Saudi Educational sector has. With many government schools and universities there are few private too.


But there is a pressing need to open new schools and universities for cater to the local and expat communities. With not many option for the expat students, they are forced to leave their families in the Kingdom and go overseas for their higher education. We strive to solve this problem by opening new schools and universities with the knowledge and experience of TIARAIAM in this field. TIARAIAM also has a project to facilitate student exchange programme between Saudi government and Private Schools/ Universities and overseas Schools/ Universities like in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, India so that the coming generations are aware of the culture of various countries and get multidimensional experience grooming them to be tomorrow leaders.


Real Estate & Construction

TIARAIAM provides one stop solution for problems related to real estate and construction industry. We are the channel partners to one of the most trusted companies from the industry, namely; DFL, Unitech, Godrej properties, Purvankara Builders, Sobha , Brigade Group etc. to name a few.

Some of the activities we offer our clients are:

    • Overseas expansion
    • Project planning
    • Approvals
    • Fund raising
    • Joint Ventures
    • Purchases
    • Selling
    • Renting/Leasing
    • Construction/ Maintenance
    • Tie-ups


Information & Technology


With the growing need to digitalize the work everyone strives to have the best possible technology that would save cost and precious time to reduce cost and increase profit. We identify this requirement and assist our clients in understanding where they are and what they need. From case to case basis we specifically design IT packages that suites most to our clients for their implementation.


Overseas tie ups


TIARAIAM constantly works at identifying lucrative businesses from the Middle East to expand its operation in to India and likewise identify Indian progressive businesses expansion into the Middle East. We study the feasibility and prepare reports and assist the business to start operations from the scratch. Our main aim is to increase trade between the regions.



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