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Financial Planning


The motive behind starting a dedicated NRI desk is to provide quality advisory services to NRI clients for their Investments in India, offer them the best services, rightly assist them in processing of PAN card and KYC (the most difficult Part which every NRI faces) and make their investment experience in India hassle free and convenient.


Our NRI Services focus on providing financial planning and portfolio advisory services to NRI clients of high net-worth and has developed the processes that focuses on providing the best advice and helps in the ongoing management of your portfolio and financial plans.

Financial planning is the process of meeting once life goals through proper management of one's finances.


Life goals can include buying a home, saving for children's education, buying a car, protecting family against financial risks or planning for retirement. It is financial planning that helps us to take a comprehensive look towards one's futures financial needs and goals including cash flow, debt management, education funding, retirement planning, estate conservation and portfolio management.


Tiara Investments & Asset Management contributes to your financial planning as it:

    • Determine Your Current Financial Situation .
    • Develop Financial Goals. Develop financial planning alternatives.
    • Evaluate Alternatives.
    • Create and Implement a Financial Action Plan.
    • Re-evaluate and Revise One's Plan.



Asset Management


Do you face the problem of collecting rentals, finding tenants, buyers and sellers, paying utility bills, property taxes, maintaining your assets, keeping a track of your assets and a long list of problems?


Tiara Investments & Asset Management is the solution for all this.


We step into the customer’s shoes on an individual basis while rendering the service to him/her. Our field specialists take utmost care while making periodic visits to your property, depositing rental cheques, reporting on the same, etc.


TIARAIAM gives its customers the feel of managing your let out property yourself, while saving you the hassles of handling your tenants. Register with us and rest assured that your property is in good hands.


As we all feel the age old method of falling back on friends and relatives to do the job for you does not work as efficiently in modern times and often causes a rift between relations. Everyone should have their property managed by the subject matter experts. TIARAIAM employs qualified personnel to do the homework for you, thus saving your family the trouble and stress of running from pillar to post.



Retirement planning


Being overseas for decades often create a sense of panic amongst NRI’s on the thought of shifting back to their home country.TIARAIAM makes this transmission as smooth as possible will professional planning. We plan steady income for our clients so that they can have a secure life post retirement and secure your coming generations to live stress free of any ambiguity.


An active and long retirement requires commensurate financial resources. Under estimating your retirement needs can affect your retirement lifestyle or put you at risk of outliving your resources. All your assets put together may or may not equal your financial independence. But it may be impossible to tell unless you earmark your resources to specific goals. Our retirement planning process will help you estimate your retirement income needs, assess your existing assets and income streams and crystallize a retirement plan to meet your goals. Our customized Retirement Plan shall set you free to pursue your dreams. These are some important reasons to plan for retirement.


Every person has a need to plan for his own retirement. Priorities may vary from person to person.


Following are the factors which should be considered before planning your retirement:

 Inflation Rising cost of Medical services Breakdown of joint family system Increase in longevity Change in life style



Real Estate Planning


We believe that investment in property has many benefits. However, as with any investment, investing in property has advantages and disadvantages. It is a matter of ensuring that both advantages and disadvantages are explained and your decision to proceed with the purchase of a property is based on research and your individual personal investment needs


With strong corporate performance, high income rate, reasonable loan rate, viable firm economy, flourishing IT industry and flexible foreign direct investment policies, today India is an ideal investment location not only for Indians but for millions NRI’s, PIO’s and OCI’s as well. The steady growth of Indian economy has invoked number of NRIs to invest in their native place.

Because of the emergence of India as a premier global player, all sections of real estate have been experiencing tremendous development in all major Indian cities. Majority of NRIs, especially those who are planning to migrate back to India, are taking keen interest in the property investment. For all these non resident Indians, TIARAIAM are proving to be great support.


We, at TIARAIAM, take pleasure in always providing professional & personalized service to clients as our aim is to help you in deciding your due-diligence.

TIARAIAM has a dynamic team of experienced professionals who are here to serve you, whenever you are looking to buy a Residential/Commercial property. The core aim of TIARAIAM has always been to conduct real estate transactions in such a way as to develop long term relationships to the benefit of all concerned.


We are well-established commercial real estate agents who provide their clients suitable properties for residential/ commercial space. TIARAIAM understand the customer’s requirements and serves with state of the art quality and assurance in every job. The organization has achieved a distinct reputation in the field of real estate across the nation by following a policy of "Clients' First". 



Tax planning


 It has been noticed that when NRIs go abroad to pursue better career prospects, many of them do not intend to return to India, but they do leave their footprints behind in the form of ancestral or self-acquired property, bank deposits, shares in companies and other investments.


The Income-tax Act, 1961 (Act) taxes India-sourced income in the hands of all kinds of assesses, irrespective of their residential status determined, based on their physical presence in India. Accordingly, even when they are away, they continue to be liable to tax in India, including obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN Card), and filing annual tax returns.


Additionally, while they are away from India qualifying as a resident of the country they work in or have immigrated to, becoming liable to be taxed on the same income not only in India, but also in that country. In such circumstances, depending upon his / her residential status, such an individual may be eligible to take advantage of the Double Taxation Agreement (Tax Treaty) entered by India with the relevant country, if any. We at TIARAIAM provide solution to all of your tax related concerns


Income tax liability in India of an NRI:

Particulars During "RNOR" status During "Resident" Status
Fixed Deposits with Banks Exempt upto maturity of deposit. Taxable as Normal Resident with an option for flat rate @ 20% upto maturity.
Interest on NRNR a/c Exempt upto maturity of the deposit. Taxable as Normal Resident with an option for flat rate @ 20% upto maturity.
Interest on FCNR a/c Exempt upto maturity of the deposit. Taxable as Normal Resident with an option for flat rate @ 20% upto maturity.
Interest on RFC a/c(NRE/FCNR a/c converted) Exempt even on deposits renewed during the status. Taxable as Normal Resident.
Dividend on Shares/Mutual Fund Units Exempt. Exempt.
Capital Gains on Shares Taxable as in case of Resident. Taxable as in case of Resident.
Interest on Debentures Taxable as Normal Resident with an option for flat rate @20% upto Transfer Redemption. Taxable as Normal Residents with an option for flat rate @20% upto Transfer/Redemption.
Interest on Fixed Deposits with Companies Taxable as Normal Resident with an option for flat rate @ 20% upto maturity.  



Attorney services


NRI’s, PIO’s and OCI’s owning ancestral or self-acquired properties have legal needs which are to be tackled in a professional way.

We at TIARAIAM understand the individual need and provide proactive attorneys.



Loan facilitation


 No matter where you go, India will always be home. At TIARAIAM we understand this. This is why we bring NRIs like you the opportunity of owning your dream home in India. Being based out of India, buying a home in India can be quite a challenge – starting from searching and identifying the property you desire, ensuring builder credibility, legal processes, property documents and more.


But with TIARAIAM, it needn’t be so. Our NRI Home Loans presents you with the most practical and simplified home loan solutions you need. We handhold you through all aspects of property purchase – from property search, legal and technical issues, to documentation and more for a range of requirements.


  • Our NRI Home Loans can be availed for:
    • To purchase a new home To purchase a ready built house on resale To construct your own house.
    • To extend your house.
    • To renovate your house.
    • To purchase a plot of land in your preferred city or town.
    • To purchase a plot of land in your preferred city or town and construct your house on it.
  • Eligibility criteria for Non Resident Indians:
    • Stability and continuity of occupation and savings history.
    • Repayment capacity takes into consideration factors such as income, number of dependantsdependents, spouse's income, assets, liabilities. The applicant should have a steady source of income. Age or ages of the applicant(s)




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