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Tiara Investments & Asset Management was established to meet the needs of investors specially those who are away from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India and are missing out from the huge development and progress of both economies. We care and give personalized investment plans for our clients.


TIARAIAM identifies businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India which can expand in either country. We strive to increase the cooperation between two very strategically located counties of the Asian sub-continent.


Sympathizing with the difficulties faced by Non-Resident Indian’s (NRI’s), Persons of India Origin (PIO’s) and Overseas Citizens of India (OIC’s), our company offers one stop solution centre for their problems. We offer consultancy and solve problems and strongly believe that there is no problem without a sensible solution.


NRI’s, PIO’s and OCI’s often visiting India or planning to invest in India, come with a limited time in their hand and usually meet with series of challenges to fulfill their needs. Their dependency on unknown and unorganised sources results in loss, waste of time and energy. They are usually considered by a few people to be extra rich earning easy monies are misdirected and land up making losses of their hard earned money with nothing more left than regret and remorse leaving a bad taste.


Our aim is to ensure potential investors have sufficient information to invest with confidence knowing that their investment decisions are based on reliability, logic, facts and figures, not luck.


We have established a process that ensures your immediate and long-term investment objectives are understood and satisfied.


Not limiting to investments alone we assist in providing medical treatments to foreigners and Indians who wish to benefit from The Best Team of Doctors in India with state of the art equipment at some of The Best Hospitals in India and abroad with unmatchable personalized care to speed up recovery.


Tours and Travel and Accommodation needs of our clients are taken care with complete planning, precision and resourcing the best deals on offer in terms of Luxury, Comfort and Budget.


We also provide personalized career guidance to foreigners, NRI’s, PIO’s and OCI’s seeking to pursue their education in India.


We nurture long term and everlasting relationship with our clients whom we build with our committed service and honestly.





“TIARAIAM – One Stop Solution Centre”


Make Tiara Investments & Asset Management a brand that is regarded high in terms of commitment to quality, transparency, trust, customer sensitivity and financial prudence. We foresee TIARAIAM to be ONE STOP SOLUTION CENTRE for problems related to B2B relationship between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India, NRI’s, PIO’s and OCI’s issues, Medical tourism in India, Tours ,Travel  & Accommodation Career Guidance and Event Management. Our team strictly follows “Service before Self”






To provide one stop progressive economic development services through partnerships on behalf of B2B stakeholder and the community.




Message from the Managing Director



Dear Readers,


“Time waits for no man” is often heard but not practiced. We should react when its needed most so that we don’t have to sit later and ponder over what we missed and regret Everyone get that One golden Opportunity  given by God to succeed and has to be utilized to its best.


There is a huge potential for cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India who have a very long history of mutual cooperation right from ancient history to modern times. Tiara Investments & Asset Management strives to generate healthier businesses between the two friendly countries. Both economies strong in its place need further to come together and share each other's expertise to foster new relationships. During this course we can build new avenues and generate thousands of jobs in the KSA as well as in India.


Being born and a part of 2.4 million plus NRI’s strong community in the KSA, I know the practical difficulties NRI’s can face. A trouble shooter by passion, there was a strong need to provide solutions to all NRI’s, PIO’S and OCI’s as well as people looking forward in getting medical treatment done in India. Please go through the website as I aim to provide solution to most if not all problems which you may face and provide appropriate solutions at the comfort of you being sitting easily at home and continue your work abroad without any stress of matters back home.


Hope we can together build a bright future for our coming generations.


Thank you and best wishes,


Fareed Sardar Khan

Managing Director


Mobile No:(KSA)+966 533 648 201 (India)+91 903 609 6630




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